Ask For A Reaction

Time required: Short

Grading: Minimal or none

Disciplines: All

Why: Asking students to react to a video, text passage, or other reading helps increase engagement with the material and can give you valuable insight into student perspectives.

How:  Present students with prompts for their reactions to a video or reading.  Collect the responses after the viewing or reading is completed. While summarizing and identifying main points are valuable skills, consider asking for more than just a summary of the material.  Good prompts include:

  • What surprised you the most (YOU will likely be surprised by the answers to this!)
  • What questions do you have
  • What would you do (in a scenario related to the video/reading)
  • What advice would you give to… (someone involved in the video/reading)

Responses can be shared in groups and discussed, and/or posted to a discussion board, or simply collected for use as a low stakes formative assessment.