This week’s tip: Freewriting 

Time required: Short

Grading: No!

Disciplines: All 

Why: Freewriting is a very adaptable tool which can be used with students and for personal growth.

How:  Set a timer and write!

  • What is freewriting?
    • Freewriting is unstructured writing. 
    • Choose a prompt or general topic – or just start writing!
    • Set a timer 
    • Remember to just keep writing – no editing, no pausing, and no judgement
    • Can be used for
      • Problem-solving
      • Getting over a writing or creative block
      • Brainstorming 
      • Teaching reflection
      • Instructional planning


  • Later, you can use underlining, coding, and color to clarify your ideas
  • You can use freewriting with students to prepare for a discussion. 
  • Before starting a new unit, you can find out what students know (or remember) about the topic.